Rolfing® SI National Awareness Week Celebrated in San Francisco and Santa Rosa, California

To celebrate the very first Rolfing® Structural Integration National Awareness Week, September 18-26, 2010, I am offering the public a chance to experience a FREE 30 minute mini Rolfing SI session at … [Read more...]


Rolfing SI Featured in 10 Page Bodywork Slideshow on iVillage.com

I was recently interviewed by reporter Marissa Capodanno for an article about bodywork modalities she wrote for www.ivillage.com. (Update 4/25/16: It looks like the URL www.ivillage.com now redirects … [Read more...]


What’s The Meaning of All The Alphabet Soup After My Name?

Over the years I've accumulated a lot of credentials, undoubtedly with more to come. :-)         A friend suggested I write a humerus blog post to explain each abbreviation, acronym, or initialism. … [Read more...]


New San Francisco Rolfing® Office

Or, Are You Ready For Me San Francisco? I am pleased to announce I have a new Rolfing office in San Francisco. On Mondays, beginning May 3, I started working at A Body of Work a highly respected San … [Read more...]


Rolfing Structural Integration is NOT Ralphing, ROFL, or . . .

A guide for all you 21st century internet savvy, Facebooking, Blogging, Twittering Peeps out there Long, long ago in a century far, far away lived a woman named Ida Pauline Rolf. She observed that … [Read more...]


Nylon Magazine and The Minneapolis Star Tribune Feature Rolfing® SI

In the August 2009 issue of Nylon Magazine deputy editor Luke Crisell and beauty director Holly Siegel describe their experience receiving three Rolfing sessions from a Rolfing practitioner in New … [Read more...]


Bodywork as Meditation Part 4 of 4

Final installment of the article by my friend Raymond Bishop, Certified Advanced Rolfer. Another dimension of this subtle and global sensing is a phenomenon called entrainment.¹?  Entrainment is the … [Read more...]


Bodywork as Meditation Part 3 of 4

Continuation of the article by my friend Raymond Bishop, Certified Advanced Rolfer. The ideas of Tolle have a strong resonance with a much earlier esoteric philosopher, George Ivanovich Gurdjieff who … [Read more...]


Bodywork as Meditation Part 2 of 4

Continuation of the article written by my friend Raymond Bishop, Certified Advanced Rolfer. If we focus too much on muscular structures, we miss the larger fascial planes that morph and alter the … [Read more...]


Bodywork as Meditation Part 1 of 4

The following is the text of an article written by my dear friend Raymond J. Bishop. Ray did his basic Rolfing® training and his Rolf™ Movement training at the Rolf Institute for Structural … [Read more...]