What is Rolfing

What is Rolfing SI?

Rolfing® structural integration is a sophisticated therapy what-is-rolfing-1which realigns the physical body within gravity. Soft tissue manipulation and movement education release restrictions in the fascia, producing highly visible, dramatic, and lasting change.

Fascia is the complex web of connective tissue that relates the bones, muscles, joints and organs to one another. If the natural balance of the body is disturbed through injury or poor work and postural habits, the fascial web responds by trying to support this new unbalanced relationship, in time visibly altering the shape and function of the whole body.

The job of the Rolfing practitioner is to release the fascia so the body can realign itself, returning all its various segments to a properly balanced relationship. Gravity will then support the fascial system to uplift and align the body. It is this attention to proper body geometry that distinguishes Rolfing from other forms of bodywork that often simply provide short-lived pain relief or relaxation.