Praise for Carole

Praise for Carole

I first went to Carole because I was stuck in my ability to improve my dressage riding. My instructor asked why I was unable to follow what appeared to be simple movement instructions. I realized my body could not do what my brain was telling it to. After years of trying to improve with yoga, chiropractic and massage, I realized the problem was not being addressed. Completing a full course of sessions with Carole has made all the difference. My riding improved immediately and I feel great!
—  Lisa Jordan

Improvement beyond my wildest expectations. I knew my crummy posture was contributing to recurring back problems, so I figured that maybe structural help might help me. A CT scan had just revealed a couple of bulging discs, so I pointed this out to Carole in case this would interfere with the Rolfing. Quite the contrary, that’s what she focused on. The next day (today), my back feels better than it has in months. It feels like it’s healing rather than just aching. I’m amazed and impressed.
—  Bob Aubrey

I’m way beyond happy that I went to Carole! I am so impressed with Carole and the improvement made after just my first session with her! The time she spends consulting with and analyzing you first is thorough and not rushed at all which immediately puts you at ease. Her knowledge of anatomy and the fact that she explains everything to you so you understand is also very confidence inspiring. But, what sets her apart is the treatment you receive and how much movement and flexibility you have when she is through with you. Amazing!
—  Nancy G.

Wow, Carole KNOWS about bodies! I came in with lots of complaints, and while I don’t feel as loose as I did when I was 10, I’m a whole lot better. Not only did Carole quickly identify what my body needed, she is an expert practitioner. I’ve been to many Rolfers, and Carole is great–almost painless, if you can believe it, but with excellent results. If you are hurting, why wait?
—  David Young

Carole’s knowledge of the physical mechanics of the human body is extraordinary. As a medical professional myself, I don’t think any of my anatomy instructors had a better understanding or concept of the interactions of bones, ligaments & tendons. While her treatments haven’t provided total relief of my various aches and back pains, I would say that her careful instruction and therapy has added years to my professional life and freed me to greater physical activities.
—  Edward Johnson, DDS, FADI

I’ve been struggling with chronic low back and hip pain for over 2 years now, and my first appointment with Carole brought me so much relief! I’m looking forward to continuing to work with her. She’s thorough and informative, and put me completely at ease.
—  Carla S.

Carole’s warmth, breadth of knowledge, and well honed skill penetrated my body, came to focus on the two most askew parts, performed a sort of ironing of my fascia, and manually introduced a more balanced range of motion. Healing hands, trustworthy woman, words that explain to the mind the sudden improvement of my own embodied experience.
—  Brianna O.

I had poor posture for over 40 years. Carole has worked wonders for me. I can now sit comfortably during meditation and it feels natural and good to stand and sit up straight. Carole has taught me exercises to help me maintain my progress. She really listens to my concerns and I trust her. I always walk out of her office feeling light and bouncy!
—  Kate Davies

Exceptional Rolfing experience dispelled the myths & horror stories I was told! My scoliosis was acting up & affecting my dance performance. So I tried Rolfing despite hearing rumors that it’s extremely painful. Carol is knowledgeable in every aspect. I could tell she went very deep but I didn’t feel any pain whatsoever! After the session, my body really felt transformed. My dance frame was relaxed and proper. Today I saw my stretch coach & he thought my body was in much better condition! Great smooth experience with results!
—  L.F.