Appointments and Fees

You can get started with Rolfing SI in a couple of ways:
Book appointment online now (New client sessions are 90min minimum)
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New Fee Schedule Effective November 15, 2020

$170 – Standard Rolfing® Session (80 minutes to do check in, body reading, movement education, and hands-on manipulation) Mandatory for new clients

$130 – Rolf Movement® Session (50 minute session devoted to helping you change the habits that cause your own back and body pain)

$130 – Fix-it Session (50 minutes to focus on small, specific issues)

$495 – 3 Session Mini-Series ($165 each)
$960 – 6 session Annual Tune-up ($160 each) For those who have completed the 10-series.
$1600 – 10 Session series ($160 each) Experience the classic Rolfing® Ten-Series as developed by Dr. Ida Rolf.

Note: To receive package price fee is due at start of series. We can also pre-schedule all of your sessions so you know exactly when you have appointments.