Thank you for being my Rolfing client! The following are the steps that I am taking, and that I am asking you to take, to minimize our risks of transferring the virus. 

I need you to review this information before your next Rolfing session.

I may be changing protocols as more information about staying safe and healthy become available.

Prior to your Session Wellness Check

Contact your doctor if you have the following severe symptoms:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Persistent pain or pressure in chest
  • New confusion or inability to stay awake
  • Blue lips or face

A) Have you had contact with a case? In the last 24 hours have you been in contact with anyone with a known case of COVID-19?

If yes, do not come to your appointment.

B) If you are sick or have had any of the following symptoms in the last two weeks, please don’t come in. Dry Cough, Fever (Temperature above 100), Chills, Sore Throat, Feeling Achy, Shortness of Breath, Nausea or Vomiting, Unusual or new headache in the last 24 hours, Diarrhea, Loss of Taste or Smell, Tingling or Numbness.  If you have at least 2 of these symptoms you should call your Primary Care Physician. We can reschedule for 14 days later, or when appropriate.

C) If you have recently traveled, used public transportation, have stay at home children, family, or guests who are not following social distancing guidelines, or if you have multiple underlying conditions then we are not a good fit right now. Let’s connect again when the pandemic is under better control.

Arriving for your Session

  1. Please bathe, put on freshly laundered clothes, and do not go to public places like a grocery store before your visit. This will greatly reduce the chances of unknowingly bringing the virus.
  2. Please wear a mask. I will also wear a mask. This makes exposure from breathing in and out less likely. We will both wear our masks from start to finish.
  3. When you arrive, park and let me know by phone or text (707-490-4798) that you are here. I will text you when to come in. I will open the door so you don’t have to touch the handle.
  4. I will take your temperature outside the front door with a touchless thermometer and write it down.
  5. I will provide hand sanitizer for you to use upon entering.

Before your Session

  1. Feel free to use the restroom. It will be cleaned between clients including all handles, surfaces and the faucet.
  2. When you enter my office I will ask you a few simple questions.
  3. We will have our usual conversation about how you are and the goals for the session.
  4. When we are ready to transition to table work, I will go wash my hands. 
  5. I will provide hand sanitizer in my treatment room for you to use.
  6. We will proceed with the session as usual except that both of us will be wearing masks.

After your Session

  1. Upon completion of your session, I will go wash my hands while you dress.
  2. I am encouraging online or touchless methods of payment. I can accept Apple Pay, Venmo, or Zelle. However, we can use the credit card swiping system. It will be cleaned after use.
  3. As we move to the front door, I will open and close all the doors. I will provide hand sanitizer to use upon exiting.
  4. After you depart, I will clean the office and the bathroom. If you are interested I am happy to share my office cleaning protocol.
  5. Please note I have a HEPA filter dedicated for office use and I will be airing out the office after each client.

Other Measures we have Implemented

Renée (my office mate) and I are not allowing anyone to congregate or sit in the waiting room. After you phone or text me, I will meet you at the front door, check your temperature, and then we will go directly to my treatment room.

I am using new vinyl covered pillows and antimicrobial treated disposable pillowcases.

In addition to the HEPA filtration I have done some research on the use of HOCl for the disinfection of rooms and surfaces. I have just purchased a kit which will allow me to make this EPA listed disinfectant, and I will be purchasing a fogger to use in the office between clients. If you would like to learn more about HOCl here is a link from the NIH. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6255518/

Here is a link if you are interested in getting your own kit.


I am seeing a reduced number of clients, with more spacing between people to allow for cleaning and disinfection. There is an extremely small number of people going in and out of the office. Nevertheless, I can’t guarantee that I might not be a vector for disease transmission, or that you might not be. We must continue to be conscious of who we have come in contact with, where they have traveled, or where you have traveled.

Here are the latest numbers from Sonoma County.


If you would like to chat with me personally please text or call my mobile 707-490-4798.

I hope that all of you are well and stay well. These are unprecedented experiences we are all going through.

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