Pilates, Structural Integration and Resource Oriented Skill Training

February and March have been incredibly busy for me as well as incredibly productive. The first full weekend in February I started the ITT Pilates Mat Training. I’ve previously written about my history with Pilates and my current renewed interest in this body of work here.

The third weekend in February I flew to Los Angeles to take the Certification Exam for Structural Integration?. This exam, created by the Certification Board for Structural Integration?, is the definitive means of authenticating professional standards of excellence as a practicing Structural Integrator. I received notification in mid-March that I passed the exam and I am now entitled to use the designation Board Certified Structural Integrator (BCSI).

The last weekend in March I took the ITT Pilates Mat Trainer certification exam and I just received notice April 4 that I successfully passed both the written and practical exams. I am now officially a Pilates Mat Trainer and I’m tentatively planning to do the comprehensive equipment training in the fall.

April 4 and 5 I was in Grass Valley attending a workshop with Merete Holm Brantbjerg. Merete is one of the co-creators of Bodynamic Analysis which I have written about previously. She has branched out on her own and continues to develop her unique contributions to the world of body-oriented psychotherapy. Her specialties are Resource Oriented Skill Training as a Body Psychotherapeutic Method and Body Oriented Trauma Therapy. The skills I have learned from studying with her have made a profound difference in my life and my work. I will attempt a synopsis of this class for my blog at a later date.

These last two months have been an intense time of study for me! I’m confident and pleased to be able to bring all this new knowledge and skill into my private practice and share it with you, my clients, who so kindly and generously put your trust in my work.

© Carole LaRochelle, 2009.

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