I first went to Carole because I was stuck in my ability to improve my dressage riding. My instructor asked why I was unable to follow what appeared to be simple movement instructions. I realized my body could not do what my brain was telling it to.

After years of trying to improve with yoga, chiropractic and massage, I realized the problem waRolfing man’s backs not being addressed. Completing a full course of sessions with Carole has made all the difference. My riding improved immediately and I feel great!
— Lisa Jordan

For anybody out there reading this who may be interested in Rolfing as physical therapy for yourself: Carole LaRochelle is a GREAT Rolfing Practitioner! As far as I can tell from years of various physical therapies – some bodywork therapists are more intuitive with their hands than others.

I really appreciate Carole’s natural abilities as well as her extensive education and expertise in her professional realm. Here in Northern California it’s hard to find the experts. I feel lucky to have found one in Carole LaRochelle!
— Marjo W.

If you heard Rolfing hurts, you heard wrong. Everyone should get Rolfing done. Carole will change your life. You will sit up straight and stand tall without thinking about it. Carole reversed the effects of gravity on me. Rolfing is intelligent massage. It is physical manipulation with the intent of fixing not just relieving problems
— Steve M.

Carole is a strong healer with healing hands. She understands the human body and how it can be healed with Rolfing, which is a system of understanding how our bodies are structured from the bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. She is someone I refer students to and the results are always excellent.
— Clare Venet, Iyengar yoga teacher, Solstice Dance & Yoga Studio

Carole’s expertise in Rolfing is exceptional. She helped me tremendously.
— Jackie D.

I feel so much better. I just don’t know what people do without Carole LaRochelles in their lives. I was worried and I’m not so sure the doctor would have been able to figure this out as quickly and as competently as you did. I’m very grateful for you.
— Susan C.