Rolfing® SI Featured on The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda

The Today Show with Kathie Lee & HodaOn October 15, 2010 Jan Sultan, Rolf Institute Faculty member trained by Dr. Ida Rolf herself, and Rey Allen, Certified Advanced Rolfer™ participated in a short segment featuring Rolfing® Structural Integration on The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda.

This segment comes on the heels of last week’s New York Times Style Section article about Rolfing SI which featured an interview with Rey Allen.

What a wonderful opportunity to expose our work to a wider audience. I hope you will tune in to watch and tell your friends, who may be interested in Rolfing SI, about this exciting event.

Update: The segment ended up being extremely abbreviated. It seems they ran out of time at the end of the show. Let’s give Kathie Lee & Hoda some feedback that the public is quite interested in learning more about this work, and would like to see a longer segment about Rolfing SI. Please go to their Facebook page and leave a note saying as much.

Here’s the clip of the segment from the msnbc website.


  1. Alice Fielder says

    Who is the designer for the dresses that were worn by both Kathie Lee and Hoda that day? They said they were under $50.00.

  2. Luckily when Orlando’s local CBS affiliate – WKMG Local Ch6 – came by to talk to our Certified Rolfer™, Lu Mueller-Kaul they didn’t run out of time. Although rather short at just over a minute, this video is a bit more in-depth than what we got on The Today Show


    • Thank you, Deb.

      I saw the video on the Click Orlando website. Unfortunately they don’t offer embed code on their site which makes sharing the video difficult if not impossible. Thank you for posting the link here.

      • We have a copy of the video and will be embedding it into our website soon as we complete some upgrades. We’ll share it on Facebook so you can use it then if you would like.


  3. Nice page! Thanks for putting up some information about this show. We are all looking forward to it. I’ll have to wait to view it online since I don’t have a TV.
    Karin Edwards

    • Hey, you’re welcome. I have it on the TV right now. Kathie Lee & Hoda have already mentioned they’re going to try something new. However, there is no Rolfing® SI clip up on their website yet.

  4. Will it be a presentation on Rolfing exclusively or will the words Structural Integration or The Guild be included?

    • I’m not doing the presentation, Antonio, so I have no idea. I imagine they will try to use the full and correct term Rolfing® Structural Integration. Guess we’ll have to tune in and watch.

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