Celebrities and Athletes Use Rolfing to Enhance Performance and Recover From Injury

I usually receive Rolfing early in the week, after the Sunday game when I’m feeling bruised and sore. It helps improve the healing process and gets me back to feeling better. It relaxes me. Rolfing helps my whole body and that makes a difference in bringing my body back quicker.

RANDY MOSS, Wide Receiver, New England Patriots

The effect Rolfing has had on my yoga practice is so remarkable I would make something up just to get on the table.

SIANNA SHERMAN, Internationally Respected Anusara Yoga Teacher

In a 1996 Dateline NBC interview Leon Fleisher speaks about Rolfing and his return to playing piano with both hands after a thirty year hiatus.

I began to realize my arms had become like petrified wood, like stone. I’ve been receiving Rolfing® structural integration for a year now. It’s wondrous, it’s wondrous the change.

LEON FLEISHER, Virtuoso Concert Pianist

Rolfing is one of those practices that your body instantly tells you makes a lot of sense.

HEIDI JULAVITS, author and co-editor of The Believer

Rolfing Is an Established Leader in the Field of Integrative Health Care

I send people to get Rolfing sessions that have had chronic problems that have not been helped by anything else. People with shoulder problems, with scar tissue after injury, low back problems, cervical spine, shoulder and elbow problems. I think Rolfing is something that should be entertained by any of these people.

JAMES MONTGOMERY, MD, Olympic Physician & Dallas Orthopedist

There is one major reason to take Rolfing seriously: it works. Not only can it dramatically change people’s bodies, it can transform their lives as well. Rolfing is powerful stuff.

LARRY DOSSEY, MD, best-selling author & executive editor of Explore

One key reason I refer is that Rolfing offers relief to patients who think their left over pain is due to failed surgery. They may be so tightly bound after the surgery from the scarred tissue that their soft tissue needs to be released. Rolfing can help greatly with this.

RONALD TARRELL, DO, neurologist

What Carole’s Clients Are Saying

I knew my crummy posture was contributing to recurring back problems, so I figured that maybe structural help might help me. A CT scan had just revealed a couple of bulging discs, so I pointed this out to Carole in case this would interfere with the Rolfing. Quite the contrary, that’s what she focused on. The next day (today), my back feels better than it has in months, feels like it’s healing rather than just aching. I’m amazed and impressed.


Carole is strong with great awareness in her hands. When doing bodywork with me, Carole was able to locate many old injuries in my muscles and fascia—sometimes ones I’d forgotten all about until I felt the knots she was working out. Rather than painful, I found her fascia manipulation to be more like scratching a deep itch. Sometimes I could actually feel the blood start flowing more into an area, and I frequently left the sessions with more fluidity and energy than when I arrived.


Carole LaRochelle is an amazing bodywork practitioner. She was referred to me by my osteopath, who, while equally amazing, thought I might benefit by using both approaches. I left feeling well, knowing  I was in the hands of a true professional who really understands the body. I’ll be back!


Wow, Carole KNOWS about bodies! I came in with lots of complaints, and while I don’t feel as loose as I did when I was 10, I’m a whole lot better. Not only did Carole quickly identify what my body needed, she is an expert practitioner. I’ve been to many Rolfers, and Carole is great–almost painless, if you can believe it, but with excellent results. If you are hurting, why wait?